Q:How is Bumpshow collection produced ?

A:Our collections are designed and brought to life in our studio by a team of passionate, dedicated expert designers and stylists. All our designs are exclusive and our clothing is carefully checked to ensure it meets the exacting standards we have always set ourselves.BUMPSHOW takes the time to find the perfect fabrics, and also takes care to balance volumes, cuts and colors, while maintaining the brand’s creative momentum.We are deeply invested in the success of our factories and the wellbeing of the workers who make our clothes. Finding a true partner who could help us pioneer the on-demand model has been crucial to our business and being able to parter with woman owned and run businesses has been a huge added bonus. All of our factory workers are paid above minimum wage and work humane hours in well-lit and hygienic environments. We visit our factories as much as we can both review working conditions and ensure the continued quality level of our clothes. 

Q:What's the best trimester to start wearing the Bumpshow Maternity Collection?

A:Depending on your body, you will find that your support needs will vary. In the 1st trimester, these will help accentuate your belly, so you may feel like you appear more pregnant than just bloated. By the 2nd trimester, these will be your go-to leggings for everyday comfort and support. By the 3rd trimester, these doubled up with a support tank will provide the ultimate in belly and back relief from pregnancy aches and pains.

Q:Will my credit card information be safe?

A:BUMPSHOW is committed to maintaining the highest levels of security and protection against fraud. We stay up-to-date with the latest in security technologies to ensure that your credit card information, contact information and shipping and billing information are confidential and safe.

Q:How do I use a voucher or a discount code ?

A:After adding all your items to your shopping cart, enter your discount code in the field intended for this purpose.The total amount of your order will update automatically. To receive a discount code, sign up to our Envie de Fraise newsletter and you'll never miss out on any of our deals and special offers!

Q:How do I place an order ?

Step 1: selection of products ("My shopping bag")

  • You select the items that interest you to order them; you can consult your shopping bag at any time by clicking on "my shopping bag" at the top of the page and access the terms and cost of the processing and delivery charges.

  • When selecting, you are invited to consult the descriptions of the items on the product sheet.

Step 2: Validation of your order

  • At the stage of the validation of your shopping bag, the total of the order displays the amount which you have to pay, if you do not add other products.

  • Before the final validation of your order, you can modify or add other products or terminate your order.

  • In accordance with the law, you are reminded that the validation of your order requires you to pay for your purchases. When you confirm your order, you agree to pay according to the method you choose in the following steps to complete the ordering process.

Step 3: Identification or opening an account

  • This step leads you to create a personal account, or identify yourself if you already have one.
    The creation of an account is required to place an order on the Site.

  • The creation of an account saves you from entering your personal data necessary to process your order each time you visit the Site.

  • It is important to specify your telephone number, your address and your email address in case our customer service needs to contact you.

Step 4: Your choice of delivery and payment

  • You select the delivery method among those offered depending on the place of delivery and payment method.

  • The amount of your participation in the cost of processing and shipping or delivery of your order is added to the total of your order, or is free depending on the total of your order (in this case, the costs are displayed as "0").

  • You are asked to validate your order: "I VALIDATE MY ORDER"

Step 5: Payment of your order

  • You are then asked to proceed with the payment of your order ("PAY Secure Payment", depending on the choice you make.

  • If you opt for a payment by card after validating your order, you will be directed to the secure payment page of the e-commerce provider that DIGITAL FASHION GROUP has chosen for the security of your payments on the Internet.

  • At the payment stage, you are asked before validating your order if you have read the general terms and conditions of sale and if you accept them.

  • Your order is then registered.


Email your questions to:support@bumpshow.com